About Akash Shankar – Best Digital Marketing Training & Advertising Services in Patna


Akash Shankar
Founder, Trainer, Speaker & Digital Marketing Consultant


My name is Akash Shankar, and I’m the founder of Akash Digital Marketing.

5 years back, I have started my own digital marketing career with just a laptop and internet connection. And Now, I am running my own digital marketing company, a youtube channel, digital courses, and multiple websites, facebook pages & groups and making money out of it.

At present, I am working as Digital Marketing Trainer at Digital Vidya, Patna. I’ve worked with various clients for print media, product design, social media campaigning and online advertising.

I am also a Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Internet Marketer.

When someone ask me about my success in digital marketing. I simply tell them that I have created my values with many skills.

I can write good content,
I can make attractive designs,
I can make beautiful websites,
I can make engaging videos,
I can generate organic likes, followers, subscribers and many more.

I do not stuck myself into one skill. I am overall a digital marketer. And, this is the reason behind my success.

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