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Graphics Designing Course

Learn the skills and confidence to create designs for print media and digital media.


Graphics Designing Course for Beginners [2020]

You’ll learn the skills and confidence to create things like social media graphics, blog title image, ad design, posters, thumbnails, facebook covers, youtube channel art, business cards, web graphics, and more. We will teach you how to use CorelDraw (Software) to create PRACTICAL REAL WORLD projects for your business or brand.

At the end of this course, you will gain valuable knowledge that will improve your designing skills and the ability to see the world in a different way. 

Course Curriculum for Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Designing
Shaping, Design & Illustration
Graphic Designing Softwares & Tools
Image Layout & Effects
Corel Draw
HTML/ Javascript
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe Audition
Computer Fundamentals
Art & Visual Perception
Vector Graphics for Designers
Graphic Design Job Profiles & Top Recruiters

After pursuing a graphic design course aspirants are mostly hired by any of the below mentioned firms:

Print & publishing houses (like newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Advertising agencies
Graphic design studios
TV & Multimedia production houses
Website development studios
E-learning companies
Web Design Studios

Popular job profiles in which aspirants are hired after pursuing a graphics design course are as follows:

Flash Animator
Layout Designer
UI Designer
Graphic Designer
Web Developer
SEO Consultant
Content Management System specialist

Required Skillset for Graphic Design

In order to become a graphic designer, aspirants need to possess the below mentioned skillset:

Knowledge of Software
Knowledge of Programming Languages
Time Management
Good Communication Skills
Ability to Work in a Team
Ability to work with detail
Skill in visual design
Good interpersonal skills
Ability to work long hours
Ability to Work in Strict Deadlines
Knowledge of Typography
Knowledge of Colour theory

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