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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing?

Affilate Marketingis a process of marketing wherein you refer someone to buy any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive is a commission.

This commission varies from $1 to $10,000 depending on what product you are promoting.

Affiliate Marketing is simply a way to earn money by recommending products or services to other people.

This is how it works:

  1. You find a product you want to promote
  2. You sign up for their affiliate program
  3. You will get a special link (called as an affiliate link) which allows the company to see who clicked your link.
  4. You promote your affiliate link on the internet.
  5. When someone buys the product, you will be paid a commission.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

Follow the steps below to promote products from amazon and make sales.

STEP 1: Choose the type of product you want to promote

STEP 2: Create a Website

STEP 3: Sign-up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

STEP 4: Select the item you’re going to promote

STEP 5: Write content about the product

5 Types of Content you can Write:

  1. “How to” articles & tutorials: These are the best as they add a lot of value to your readers. They also generate sales very easily if done correctly. For example, “How to get rid of pimples” article with links to products which has worked well for you.
  2. Review articles: You can write about products you’ve tried personally and help people decide whether to buy the product or not.
  3. Comparison articles: Compare two or more similar products. Eg. Samsung S6 vs iPhone 6s
  4. Content Curation: This is where you collect & make a useful list products which are helpful to others.
  5. Offer or Discount articles: where you share the best deals and coupons codes of products related to your topic.

So, these are the types of content you can post to promote your affiliate link. Always make sure that your visitors get a benefit out of your site.

So, this is how you can promote products using your affiliate link.


Tips on Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

 1. Only Choose a Handful of Good Products

2. Use Several Traffic Sources to Promote Products

3. Test, Measure and Track Your Affiliate Campaign

4. Research the Demand of the Product

5. Stay Current with New Methods and Techniques

6. Choose the Right Merchant

7. Use Helpful Tools – Affiliate Link Manager/Cloaker Plugin – Revolutionize Your Affiliate Marketing | Automatically Convert Keywords into Affiliate Links | Shorten URLs to Share on Twitter

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